THEME #2 → RED LIGHT by 99mb
I’m back (again) after (another) pretty lengthy hiatus of not making themes. I’ve been asked multiple times to put up a theme for a fansite or fan blog & since I was feeling f(x)’s newest concept, I decided to make a simple theme using their photos! 
- 500px posts
- Slideshow header (4 pictures, but you can add more if you know HTML) 
- Fixed Links
- 5 Additional Links
- Changeable Color Scheme 




A creature’s general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment:

  • lawful good
  • neutral good
  • chaotic good
  • lawful neutral
  • neutral
  • chaotic neutral
  • lawful evil
  • neutral evil
  • chaotic evil

Alignment is a tool for developing your character’s identity. It is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent. Under the cut you will find descriptions and charts of these alignment and what they mean to your character.

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Requested by anonymously. This character pack contains 1,022 gifs in total, along with a couple of icons, headers and some photos that you can use as you like. The gifs are only small and high quality. I hope you like this character pack and if you're going to use it or you found it useful, I'd really appreciate if you like or reblog this post. Thank you. 

+ 1,022 small gifs.

+ 107 icons.

+ 30 headers.

+ 13 photos.

+ PNG's made by mimirph


Caitlin Stasey + Lust for Love

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Hey, this is gabs from rockwellpsds and i have some things to say bf the download link: (one) This is my very first pack so feel free to send me feedback our questions about it;(two) This pack contains 9 textures made by me so please, do not repost, or claim as your own, thanks; (three) Credits to the pictures owners;(four) Again, please SEND ME FEEDBACK, so I can do more packs or just lay down on the floor and cry over frustration haha.

download: (da)

I really hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous sent: Are there any resources out there to help you create layouts for buildings that can be easily defended when attacked?


No, but I can help.

  • Seize the high ground. The building should be on (or should be) the highest point in the area. Gravity will be on your side. It’s easier to throw projectiles or shoot down than it is up, in the same way that it’s easier to charge down than up. Also, having the higher ground means you can look over the enemy’s defensive positions. However, if the attackers have air support, you should literally go underground. The main entrance to your base can still be on the top of a hill, however.
  • Clear line of sight. When you look out from your base, you should be able to see a wide area in all directions. That means the terrain should be clear of anything that would block your sight: fences made of brick (use chain links), trees, other buildings, etc. This prevents your enemy from sneaking up on you. 
  • Difficult terrain. The area beyond the clear zone can be forested or littered with debris. It’ll slow the enemy down and break up their formations. You can even make the terrain in the clear zone hard to manage. Put small spikes down to puncture vehicle tires, injure animals and soldiers, and make it impossible to set up camp. Make the land swampy so everyone and everything gets bogged down. Once the enemy is slowly picking their way through the terrain or stuck in the mud, you can pick them off from a safe distance.
  • Guard the entrances. The entrances are obviously the weakest points in the building. You should have multiple points where the defenders can stop the attackers on their way to the entrance (e.g. multiple doors, multiple portcullises, whatever). If the attackers do force the entrance, there should be a warm welcome on the other side. Cover the entrances with multiple lines of fire - even ones from the ceiling, if you can manage it. 
  • Ranged weapons. Use weapons that can kill from a distance (rocket launchers, ballistae, crossbows, spears, rocks, missiles, whatever). Scatter the mountings for these weapons around the building and make them mobile, so they can respond to any situation. Kill the enemy before they reach you. You might want rounded walls so some projectiles will bounce off the surface.

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I don’t understand american school years what the fuck is a freshman or a sophomore why do you have these words instead of the numbers

Let me explain:

Kindergarten - Year 1
Grade 1 - Year 2
Grade 2 - Year 3
Grade 3 - Year 4
Grade 4 - Year 5
Grade 5 - Year 6
Grade 6 - Year 7
Grade 7 - Year 8
Grade 8 - Year 9
Freshman - Year 10
Sophomore - Year 11
Junior - Year 12
Senior - Year 13

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