Below the cut are #19 icons of Lucien Laviscount, all made by me.They are all 150 x 150 and you can download them here as well. Please like if you use. 


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Get To Know Me meme[2/5] Favorite Female Characters: Rae Earl - My Mad Fat Diary

“I don’t want to be fucked up anymore.”

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→ chloe norgaard gif hunt ←

located under the cut you will be able to find #263, small and medium, textless, hq, gifs of the real life angel Chloe Norgaard. none of the gifs below are made by me so full credit goes to the original gif makers. like/reblog if you want to, it's not a necessity though. I just hope this gif hunt could help you in any way.


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RULES — (there will be five winners chosen)

  • Must be following me
  • Like and reblog as many times as you like, they all count, but liking without reblogging does not count
  • Reblogs have to be on a main blog, not a side blog
  • Giveaway ends when August does (I’m in EST)

PRIZES INCLUDE — (if you’re a winner pick whichever one you want)

  • a faceclaim pack for an underused and/or poc faceclaim of your choice
  • twenty five gifs made of two underused and/or poc faceclaims of your choice
  • unique, personalized character graphics (either for your roleplay or personal use)
  • ten crackship gifs of a pairing of your choice
  • three playlists of your choice
  • any type of graphic (except manips) of your choice

BONUS ROUND — if we’re friends (read: if we’ve ever spoken before, like, ever) you get a special treat! i will prepare to send a care package to any and all of my friends who want one. as long as you’re comfortable giving me your home address, and unfortunately you have to live in the US, then we’re good to go! just message me a place i can contact you so we can find a safe platform to share personal information.


Theme #44 by soonjun

preview: here // pastebin: here

Sidebar width: 260px;
 5 custom + home, ask and archive (can be changed/can add more);
Post Size Options:  250px, 400px or 500px;
Other Options:

  • text size;
  • text font;
  • post distance;
  • line height;
  • infinite scroll;
  • greyscale;
  • opacity;
  • caption;
  • different cursor.

Please like or reblog if using. And let me know if there are any issues.

Check out KCONET for more quality k-pop themes!

preview / code


  • 5 customizable links with fixed navigation
  • 500px posts
  • 350px sidebar image
  • 1000 x 410px header

R U L E S  + O T H E R

  • should know some html to edit
  • feel free to edit some, but don’t use as base!!
  • don’t repost as your own
  • please like/reblog if you use! or message me because i’d love to see it in use! thats like my favorite thing ever
  • i didn’t use any imagemaps in the preview, so it looks like the preview!

Message me if you need any help!

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Requested by anonymous. Under the cut, you will find 44 gifs of Katie Chang. Sorry there aren’t very many, this is all I could find without being repetitive. Please like/reblog if you find this helpful!


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Anonymous sent: Hello, hi! Do you know any actress that could be sisters or twins with Taylor Marie Hill? The age range would be 18-23, pretty please. Thank you! <3

I think Taylor has this square-ish face and jaw structure but higher cheekbones and she has brown hair and green eyes so I’m basing my help on that. She also kind of looks like a young Brooke Shields oh my god. I would suggest: 

as full sisters

  • Lily Collins(the eyebrows, same face except the chin, different nose and eye colour, they look really similar when they’re laughing) 
  • Lyndsy Fonseca — (similar face shape, similar colouring with eyes and hair, same nose, but more older sister than same age) 
  • Willa Holland — (similar face shape but different eyes shape, also much fuller cheeks imo) 
  • Astrid Bergès-Frisbey — (longer face and jaw structure, but same eye and hair colouring) 

as half sisters

  • Rebecca Black(also of Mexican descent. Really similar face and different colouring but could work as a same age half sister) 
  • Kelsey Chow(also of Chinese and Cherokee descent. Longer face but same structure but a good older half sister option. I’m having trouble justifying this but I can kind of see it.) 

I hope that helped! x


Theme06: best dead friends forever



  • 250px posts
  • sidebar (image; description; title; 6 links)
  • mini cursor
  • customizable colors
  • custom tumblr controls
  • pages
  • fading sidebar image

please like/reblog if using

if you have questions (x)

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Caitlin Stasey Faceclaim Pack

Here is a fc pack of the awesome Caitlin Stasey known for Reign and Please Like Me. She is 24 years old, but can easily play anyone around 17-25. Caitlin has been in a lot more projects that just Reign, and has a variety of gifs outside of simple period costumes. She’s also a very cool person, and although she’s gained more popularity as of late, she could always be around more, but with more variety to her characters!

I do not take credit for any of the gifs in this pack. However, all the icons, headers, and sidebars were made by me, so do not claim as your own or include them in any other fc packs.

  • Gifs: 871 small to medium, HQ to MQ. 
  • Icons: 78 150x150 
  • Headers: 16 - 500x260
  • Sidebars: 15 250x680


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